Bettercart Integration with Trackify

How to enable Trackify X integration with Bettercart

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The BetterCart app offers an alternative checkout funnel that takes your customers off the Shopify checkout step pages and processes the transaction on their end.

Shopify has limited access to the checkout steps pages for apps and scripting. However, the Trackify X script is approved to run on these pages. Here are the steps to make it work:

Step 1: Copy the code below by clicking the COPY button and paste it into the "Custom Scripts" in Get better cart's setting tab .. (inside the customer interface) please check the attached screenshot

<script type="text/javascript">

/* ----- TFX hook start ----- */

(function (t, r, k, f, y, x) {

if (t.tkfy != undefined) return true;

t.tkfy = true;

y = r.createElement(k); y.src = f; y.async = true;

x = r.getElementsByTagName(k)[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(y, x);

/* ----- TFX hook end ----- */


Note: User needs to enter his own shop URL where we have (your store URL) over the above script URL.

Step 2: Do not enter any Facebook pixel anywhere else in Better Cart.

Important information on how Trackify X treats funnel events in Bettercart:

  1. The AddPaymentInfo event fires on the button click of the 2nd checkout step page.

  2. Over any upsell or postpurchase page, Trackify X fires up the ViewContent for the shown product and AddToCart if the product is added.

Trackify X fires the Purchase event on the final checkout step page. This Purchase event includes the Full transaction Value.

We recommend that - before running actual traffic - you run a transaction yourself and go through the entire funnel to confirm that everything is working as expected!

The best tool to monitor pixel events when you do that is the Test Mode in Facebook's Event Manager. Here is a video that shows how to use that.

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