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Using Trackify with Upsell Apps

Discover the superior way to track your upsell apps performance

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Trackify has provided 3rd-party integrations for OCU,  CartHook, Intercart and Checkout X that have several major advantages over the apps' native pixel implementations.

NOTE: If you are looking for integration instructions, please go to the Trackify App and click on the "Integrations" menu. Detailed instructions for each upsell app can be found there!

The concept of One-Click-Upsell apps in Shopify

Both OCU and CartHook are apps that handle the checkout pages on their own vs using Shopify's own checkout pages at in your store.

Because of this, these apps cannot use the basic Shopify pixel integration in the checkout and thank-you pages at all, and have instead implemented their own Facebook pixel codes. With that, only the initial transaction is showing as a standard "Purchase" event. Any upsell or downsell transactions are showng custom events (non-standard.)

The Trackify Advantage

With Trackify, we decided to use standard Purchase events for every sale in the OCU and CartHook funnels. This has the significant advantage that Facebook campaigns that are optimized for Purchase events will get more optimization data with every upsell or downsell that happens in the funnel.

Since campaigns can only be optimized for a single event at a time, the "native" pixel implementation shows no difference between a customer who only buys the initial offer, and a customer who adds several upsells. This problem is solved by the Trackify implementation.

You could still build Custom Audiences (and even Custom Conversions) based on only the FirstUpsell events (for example). The funnel positions of the events are included in the content_name value. (For details click here!)

Of course, Trackify includes all of the special event data, such as rr_track tags and category values in all funnel events, and also fires any additional pixels that are set up in your Trackify account.

Trackify always sends the total transaction value for all Purchase events, including Shipping, Taxes, and any discounts used. That's true, too, for the Purchase events in the upsell funnel apps. Any settings in the upsell apps that would modify this are not active with the Trackify integration.

Side note: If you wish to report less than the full transaction value for you Purchase events, you can modify the overall value reporting in the Trackify Advanced Settings tab. There you can choose a percentage of actual value. (Click here for details!)

PLEASE NOTE! If you are using TrackifyX, the instructions below do not apply!

How to activate Trackify for OCU and CartHook.

To activate Trackify, you will need to enable it in the 3rd-party integration settings in OCU...

 ...or CartHook 

Click Here for details on enabling Trackify for individual Carthook funnels

How to get OCU

For exclusive support options, you can buy OCU through this link

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