There are now two different versions of OCU in use: The so called "native" version (OCU from the Shopify app store), and the "legacy" OCU app which supplies its own checkout pages.

For the legacy version, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT use Server Side API Purchase events.

For the "native" OCU we recommend that you DO use Server-Side events.

Server-Side Purchase events are used to give better tracking and attribution for each Shopify order. This is accomplished by sending a tracking event for each order to the Facebook Pixel directly from the Trackify server. These events double-up on any browser events that fire for the same orders, but Trackify sends both the browser and server events in such a way that they can be de-duplicated by Facebook.

When you are using Zipify OCU, the Purchase events that are normally firing on the OCU checkout and upsell-funnel pages cannot be de-duplicated against the server-side events.

Therefore, Trackify has implemented a different browser event structure for OCU that allows you to use Server-Side events. But if you are changing from the normal OCU integration with Trackify to the Server-Side integration you should be aware of the changes.

NOTE: The following changes will not go in effect automatically! If you wish to use Server-Side Purchase events, please contact us via the in-app chat so we can switch this on our end!

With the Server-Side integration enabled, Trackify will generate the following browser events:

  • Initial Purchase: Custom event "InitialPurchase" (contains only the initial order item)

  • Upsell conversion: Custom event "1UpsellPurchase", "2UpsellPurchase" etc.

  • Downsell conversion: Custom event "1DownsellPurchase", "2DownsellPurchase" etc.

  • In addition to these custom events, a standard Purchase event will generated on the OCU Thank-You page. That Purchase event will contain the entire order with the initial item and any up or down-sell items.

The Server-Side Purchase event will be generated for the entire order as well, and it will be de-duplicated against the standard Purchase event that fires on the Thank-You page.

For comparison, the standard Trackify integration generates the funnel events as follows:

  • Initial Purchase: standard Purchase event that has "InitialPurchase" in the content_name parameter (contains only the initial order item)

  • Upsell conversion: Standard Purchase event that has "1UpsellPurchase" ("2UpsellPurchase" etc.) in the content_name parameter

  • Downsell conversion: Standard Purchase event that has "1DownsellPurchase" ("2DownsellPurchase") in the content_name parameter

  • There is NO event that fires for the total transaction as the sum of the standard Purchase events matches that.

Create Custom Conversions to Track Funnel Sale events

In order to make Custom Events visible in Ads Manager reports, you need to create a Custom Conversion for each event type.

For example, the Custom Conversion filter for the InitialPurchase event would be set up like this:

You will be able to select each Custom Event in the event selection drop down only after you have sent that event to the pixel. The drop-down menus in Facebook are dynamic, and only show any event data that has been previously received.

For a complete video on how to set up Custom Conversions refer to this article!

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