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Server-Side Event Tracking
Server-Side Event Tracking

How to check the Server-side events in Facebook and see processing and de-duplication details

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Server-Side Purchase events are used to give better tracking and attribution for each Shopify order. This is accomplished by sending a tracking event for each order to the Facebook Pixel directly from the Trackify server. These events double-up on any browser events that fire for the same orders, but Trackify sends both the browser and server events in such a way that they can be de-duplicated by Facebook.

You can get an overview and drill down to an hourly detail of all browser and server-side events that were received by Facebook. These reports are available in the Event Manager for each pixel.

To check the reports follow these steps:

1.\ Access Event Manager and select the pixel you want to work with

2. Select a date range during which you had SS-API events enabled

3. Click on the Purchase event row so it shows browser and server-side events:

4. Hover over the graph nodes to show details about browser and server events received and processed during that time period

5. Click the "Export Data" button to download hourly breakdowns

Looking for ways to improve server-side events even further? Check out this article about the Server-Side Event Matching Score

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