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CheckoutX Integration for Trackify

How to enable Trackify (including TrackifyX) integration with CheckoutX

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The Checkout X app offers an alternative checkout funnel that takes your customers off the Shopify checkout step pages and processes the transaction on their end.

Enabling Trackify (including TrackifyX) is simple: Just navigate to the Integrations menu in Checkout X and check the box under Trackify:

Now, You can also enable Server-Side API for Checkout X. Just toggle the SS-API button to enable the Server-side events from the Pixel engine page in Trackify.

If you have enabled both Facebook Ads Pixel and Trackify integrations, you will see duplicate events.

Always make sure that the Facebook Ads Pixel integration is inactive to prevent having wrong information in your statistics.

We recommend that - before running actual traffic - you run a transaction yourself and go through the entire funnel to confirm that everything is working as expected!

The best tool to monitor pixel events when you do that is the Test Mode in Facebook's Event Manager. Here is a video that shows how to use that.

Still in confusion? Reach out to our support through in-app chat.

Happy to help you!

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