Mandatory Steps for iOS Changes

Important steps to track for iOS users

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There are steps you can take to ensure you have the best possible information, even while iOS is making fast changes.


Here's what to do to update your settings:

1. Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager.

  • Go to business settings and click on Domains inside Brand safety

  • Click on Add and enter your Domain name

  • Now copy the meta-tag

  • Go to Shopify theme.liquid file (inside Shopify online store section->Actions)

  • Add this meta tag inside head tag (<head> </head>) in theme.liquid file and save

  • Now, click on verify domain on the business settings page

2. Set-Up & Prioritize Aggregated Events Measurement.

  • Go to the event manager inside the Facebook business manager

  • Select the pixel in the event manager for which you want to prioritize the events, go to Aggregated event measurement, and click on configure web events

  • Click on your domain

  • Click on Manage Events and then Edit

  • Enter the events according to the priority you want (Highest priority to Lowest priority)

  • Purchase -> Initiate Checkout -> Add to cart -> View content

  • You can give any order of events according to your need

  • Click on the checkbox (Yes, I confirm these changes) and click on apply

3. Enable TrackifyX's Server-Side API on the pixel engine page (if you are using any other checkout, please reach out to our support before enabling it).

  • Visit Trackify and go to the pixel engine page

  • Make sure for every pixel Server Side API is enabled

    Note:- Server-Side Purchase events are used to give better tracking and attribution for each Shopify order. This is accomplished by sending a tracking event for each order to the Facebook Pixel directly from the Trackify server. These events double up on any browser events that fire for the same orders, but Trackify sends both the browser and server events in such a way that they can be de-duplicated by Facebook.

4. Set up 8 events inside Trackify X. Follow this article to set everything up properly.

Complete these steps and you are ready to go!

Questions? Live chat or email us anytime in the app. We are always here to help!


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