Set up Events for iOS 14 users.

How to set up events for iOS 14 users

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Hello Users, we understand your concern about Facebook restricting the events to 8. To help our users make an informed choice, we have launched a new setting in the Trackify settings screen “Events To Fire For IOS14 “

This setting enables you to choose which events you want to fire if your user is on an iOS 14 device. You can select 8 events, from the range of events that are available under this setting, that you want to fire and the rest of the non selected events will be suppressed.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can enable this setting in the Trackify app.

1. Go to Trackify app--> click on settings -->look for Events to Fire for iOS 14

2. To ensure that Trackify records microdata we've set 2 events ( Microdata and ButtonClick) enabled by default. So basically, you can select 6 events of your choice from the given list.


If you do not want to enable Report Microdata you can choose 8 events of your choice. However, in that case, Trackify will not be able to report the microdata.

Note: The point is that Microdata uses up two event types. So, if you disable Microdata in Trackify you can use two more events. That opens up the possibilities to enable the TrackifyXRetarget events. You can experiment with different events and see what works best.

For the Basic plan, I would use CustomizeProduct instead of AddPaymentInfo, and for Marketer, you could use TrackifyXRetarget instead of CustomizeProduct. And for all plans, you can free up two events by disabling Microdata.

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns and we'll be more than happy to assist. It's preferable to reach out to us via the chat box inside Trackify Admin so that we're able to assist you quicker.

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