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Microdata Support in Trackify
Microdata Support in Trackify

How to enable and check the new Facebook Pixel Microdata

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With the most recent Facebook pixel updates, your pixel has received a new data event on or before May 20th. The event shows up as "Microdata" in Facebook Pixel Helper, and includes several data parameters and value blocks.

You can enable the Microdata event in the Advanced Settings in Trackify. It is disabled by default, because it's important to make sure that the data blocks are supported properly by your landing pages and/or theme.

The most critical component here is the "Schema" variable and data block. If it shows "Schema: []" your theme and/or landing page(s) need to be updated to support this data correctly!

Ask your theme developer (or the source from where you got the theme) if they have an update that supports the Schema data block in the new Facebook Pixel Microdata properly.

When all is good, it should look something like this on all pages that fire FB pixel events:

Now, to revive your campaigns if they have taken a nosedive because of this, it is recommended that you rebuild CA's and make new LAAs based on them. Rebuild them without looking back at historic data. There is not much data and results about the best methods available yet, but hopefully a little bit of testing will get you your own data and back to great performance!

You can find more information about Microdata in the Pixel Documentation here (scroll down to "Automatic Configuration".)

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