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Setting Up Your Trackify Tracking Tags
Setting Up Your Trackify Tracking Tags

How to enable niche tracking and more using rr_track tags

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rr_track tags are Trackify's way of letting you group and control pixel events and other cool features that make it very easy to leverage more pixel power, and to manage many different aspects of your Facebook campaigns, for example Facebook Catalog Segments.

The first thing you need to do though is ADD some rr_track tags to your products so we can start super charging your pixel events with them, and as you grow more experienced in your Facebook marketing you can learn more about the advanced uses of rr_track tags.

IMPORTANT: You can use rr_track_ or pp_ formatting options. rr_track_dog and pp_dog will be treated the same by Trackify. Please make sure to not us blank spaces or any special characters anywhere in the tags!

Start by watching this video and let us know in the Trackify chat if you have any questions!

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