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Checking Pixel Events in Test Mode
Checking Pixel Events in Test Mode

How to check your pixel event details in Facebook

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In addition to checking pixel events with Facebook Pixel Helper, you can now also check them in the "Test Events" screen on Facebook. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the Event Manager button in Trackify near the pixel you want to check:

In TrackifyX the Event Manager links are located with each saved pixel in the Pixel Engine screen:

โ€‹2. Click the "Test Events" menu:

3. Go to your store and visit a page where you want to test events. The events list will update in real-time and show only the events from your own actions. This works with any mobile devices and devices that can't access Facebook Pixel Helper as well!

You can use this feature to easily check for duplicate events, as well as any warnings you might see anywhere on Facebook.

Please send us screenshots of the events there if you see anything of concern and want to ask a question! Please use the chat inside the Trackify Admin rather than the one on this page!

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