!function (t, r, k, f, y, x) {
window.tfxQueue = [];
if (t.tkfy) return; y = r.createElement(k); y.async = !0;
y.src = f; x = r.getElementsByTagName(k)[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(y, x);
}(window, document, 'script', 'https://trackifyx.redretarget.com/js/intercart.js');
window.receiveMessage = function (event) {
if ('tfxIntercart' in window) tfxIntercart.listen(tfxQueue);

NOTE: The InterCart integration is currently in "beta". Please check your entire funnel before sending traffic to make sure there aren't any glitches in your particular store! Let us know via the in-app chat if anything is not working right. Be sure to execute EACH STEP outlined below! 

The script up above needs to be manually inserted into the Global javascript field in Intercart. - As always, let us know via the in-app chat if you need any help with this!

1. Access the Intercart app from the apps page in your Shopify store. Then:

Do not enter any Facebook pixel scripts or codes anywhere else in Intercart, and DO NOT enter a Facebook Pixel ID in Intercart settings! All Pixel settings and behavior will be executed in Intercart according the TrackifyX settings in your store.

2. Go to TrackifyX Settings and turn OFF "Initate Checkout On Button Click"

Important information on how TrackifyX treats funnel events in Intercart:

  1. On the first page of checkout in Intercart, Trackify fires InitiateCheckout - only when the Setting for "Initiate Checkout On Button Click" is turned OFF in Trackify, otherwise the IC event will fire on the button click that leads to the checkout page.
  2. AddPaymentInfo event fires on the button click of the 2nd checkout step page.
  3. Purchase event fires on the button click of the 3rd checkout step page. This event is hard to see in Facebook Pixel Helper as the pixel helper screen will be blank once the upsell page loads. This Purchase event includes the full transaction value of the initial purchase, and shows content_name: Trackify IC InitialPurchase...
  4. On the Order confirmation page Trackify fires another Purchase event which contains only the value of any products that were purchased in any upsell steps. It shows content_name: Trackify IC PostPurchase...

The additional Purchase event helps with optimization of your campaigns. You can create Custom Conversions to show Initial sales and upsells in separate columns in Ads Manager reports, or if you want to optimize your campaigns only for the Initial sale.

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