When you get a catalog permission error in Trackify, you are using a Facebook Account pixel that belongs to an account that you don't own. Even though you have access to this account in your Business Manager, you need to obtain separate permission from the account owner to use the FB Pixel of that account as an event source for a FB catalog.

The Facebook catalog cannot build if you don't have sufficient access to your client's Facebook assets. This is unrelated to Shopify store access.

The catalog only needs to be built if you are planning on running DPAs based on the Trackify feed. If you don't intend to do that you don't need to worry about the error message or warning.

If you do require this feature to work, you need to get your access rights corrected in Facebook.

All of the following conditions have to be met for this to work. The reason is that Facebook catalogs are not "inside" the ad account, but rather inside the Business Manager and need to be associated with the Facebook Pixel from the ad account as an Event Source.

- You need to have access to client's Business Manager, or YOUR Business Manager needs to be assigned to the client's ad account as a Partner;

- You need to have at least advertiser rights on client's ad account;

- If you're using YOUR BM, you also need to be assigned to that ad account's Pixel as a partner (this is very important!)

If you feel that you are sufficiently familiar with Facebook's internal way of creating the catalog, you can also do that manually, and just use the Feed URL from Trackify when you manually add a feed to the catalog.

If you feel that there is anything wrong with the feed that you cannot solve by following the Training Video that walks you through more details,

Please add [email protected] to your store staff so we can take a look! Also send an email to that email address to let us know what issue you are having and to identify the store so we can match the issue with your store invite.

Here are instructions for that in case you need them:

The account owner can grant permission by adding your Business Manager ID as a "Partner" to the FB Account Pixel.

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