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Creating Catalog Segments Using rr_track Tags
Creating Catalog Segments Using rr_track Tags
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When rr_track tags are added to a set of products in the store, you can use the tag to create Product Catalog Segments in Facebook Catalogs. All you need to do, is create a Catalog Segment in Facebook, using the rule settings: "product_type contains: rr_track_[tagname]" (as shown below.) You will be able to see the count of products that are included in the set you are creating at the bottom of the dialog. For trouble shooting tips, see below!

(You can get to this screen by clicking the catalog name in the Facebook catalog list in Trackify.)

There are 3 things you need to make sure of to get rr_track tags into the catalog:

  1. Add rr_track tags to the products AND click on "Sync Tags" in the Niche Tracking screen in Trackify;

2. Go to FB feed in Trackify and rebuild it. If it doesn't go to Status "OK" go to the Edit Feed screen and fix any empty Google Category assignments. The Default field at the top should also be set to something so it can take care of products that don't have any Product Type set in the store. (You can double check that the products with the rr_track tags are in the feed by clicking on the feed URL and doing a full text search for the rr_track tag. You should find it as many times as products it's been added to.)

3. Fetch the feed to your existing FB catalog and create a product set, using "product_type contains" and type in the rr_track tag.

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