Capture Catalog Into TrackifyX

how to update an existing Facebook catalog to use TfX feed and upload automation

Written by Jared Levine
Updated over a week ago

You can now take over any catalog with TrackifyX that you have access to manage in Facebook. Please watch this video for details, or follow the step-by-step screen shots below!

Step-By Step:

  1. Make sure your profile has access to Admin the catalog you want to capture into TrackifyX!

  2. Click the "Capture Catalog" action icon for the catalog you want to capture. (The color coding for this catalog has to be blue!):

3. Name the catalog and select the desired feed format:

4. Click the catalog name in Trackify to access the catalog in your Business Manager

5. Click on "Product Data Sources" in the menu on the left, and then click on the feed in the "Data Source Name" column.

6. Click on Settings

7. Scroll down until you can see the Schedules section. Click the trash can icon to remove the existing schedule for the old feed. (For details watch the video at the top!)

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