FB Catalogs are very difficult to understand structurally in FB.

In a normal situation, where you have only one Business Manager with your own FB Account being claimed by the BM, everything is straight forward. Beyond that it can be complicated. Please let me know wxactly how you are setting up your Trackify settings:

1. Are you using Business Manager?

2. Is the ad account your own account or do you just have access to it through BM?

If access to the account is only through BM:
3a. Have you assigned yourself (as a "person" in the BM) to the ad account?

3b. Has the BM been assigned as a "partner" to the Pixel of the ad account?

All of these conditions are NECCESSARY for the catalog to work in more complex situations.

On the other hand, if you are not planning on running your own DPA retargeting ads, the catalog feature is not essential. All the other pixel functions will still work fine without this, and you could just ignore any difficulties that are related to the catalog.

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