The following error message in Facebook Pixel Helper indicates that the product in the event is not connected to a product catalog in Facebook. This connection is only needed if you want to run your own DPA ads (Dynamic Product Ads for retargeting). All other features of the pixels will work fine with this warning.

Please read below what you can do next.

Trackify generates a catalog feed and builds a Facebook catalog for you automatically when you click "Save & Build Catalog" in the 2nd tab in Trackify settings.

This video shows the details:

Here are the most frequent reasons this catalog upload can fail or be delayed (again none of these matter unless you wish to run your own DPA ads in your ad account):

  1. You are not using a Business Manager in Facebook. Catalogs live in Business Managers. They cannot be created without one.

  2. Facebook catalog uploads are taking much longer recently than they used to. It can take up to several hours for the upload to be completed. Once it's complete, the warning in FB Pixel Helper should go away.

  3. Facebook recently had problems with feed uploads that failed completely. If you first installed Trackify during this time period, your catalog may have never been completely set up.

  4. Facebook catalog failed because you tried to use a pixel as event source that you don't have sufficient permissions to use within the Business Manager you've selected. This permission issue is more complicated than intuitively understandable. Even if you own the ad account and the Business Manager, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have sufficient permissions within this BM to assign the pixel to a catalog as an event source.

  5. You've recently added products to your store and didn't rebuild the catalog feed in Trackify. In this case the feed will need to be rebuilt. Then Facebook will upload it automatically into the existing catalog within 24 hours.

  6. If you're using additional pixels in Trackify, your primary pixel may be showing no error, but additional pixels are. That's perfectly normal and fine! Typically, there is no need to assign the additional pixels as an event source to a catalog, so the warning indicates that. You CAN assign the additional pixels to a catalog (same or different than the main) if the yellow warnings bother you, but it makes no difference at all.

Trackify's catalog builder should work fine for most situations. Please follow the instructions in video #7 in the Training Videos to set your up or rebuild it if necessary! 

If you experience problems, they are almost always related to issues in Facebook or permission settings within your Facebook Business Manager and/or accounts. 

You can also build a Facebook Catalog directly in Facebook, using the Link to the Trackify Feed which can be found in the Feed screen in the Trackify Admin. Building the catalog in Facebook can make it easier for you to recognize which issues or settings cause the problem.

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