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Time-On-Site Events in TrackifyX
Time-On-Site Events in TrackifyX

How to build and use Custom Audiences with our Time-On-Site events

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TrackifyX offers new custom events that let you build audiences from the most engaged visitors to your store. A detailed walk through can be seen in this video on Facebook.

Here is how to use these events for audiences:

Method 1: Build audiences directly based on the custom events

Using this method you can use these audiences in three ways. You can retarget these users specifically, you can EXCLUDE these users from campaigns, and you can use them as base audiences for Lookalike Audiences.

Examples for direct retargeting:

Retarget all users who spent more than 15 seconds on a single page (you can refine that by page type, like so:

Exclude visitors from retargeting campaigns, or cold traffic campaigns who have spent LESS (or more) THAN a specific amount of time, either on a page, or on your entire site:

Note that with all of these examples, you can use the "bulk"-feature of creating multiple audiences at once if you select multiple Lookback Periods!

Method 2. Combine the custom event filter criteria with standard events

This method currently only works in the Facebook Audience Builder tool. We will add a new and better way to build these in Trackify very soon.

In this example we are setting up a ViewContent audience (you could narrow that down using tags in the content_name field), and then EXCLUDING useres who have spent LESS THAN 15 seconds on the entire site.

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