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Clean Uninstall for TrackifyX
Clean Uninstall for TrackifyX

How to remove all components of TrackifyX completely

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If you wish to uninstall Trackify, all components that have been installed automatically will be removed automatically if you use the uninstall function in the TrackifyX Admin top right menu. (Just uninstalling the app from the Shopify apps page cannot do that!)

However, the components that have been added manually, need to be removed manually as well.
Here is a short summary of the simple step to get that done:

If you have manually installed the additional script in the Online Store Preferences, you need to delete it from there:

Locate the highlighted script above and delete it. Then save the Shopify settings.

If you have not used the Uninstall Button inside the TrackifyX App, you may also need to remove a line of code from the theme.liquid file in your active theme:

In addition to the above steps, you can also remove the Trackify authorization from your personal profile by following these steps.

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