TrackifyX integration with Zipify Pages and Zipify OCU works automatically as long as you have implemented the Google Analytics ADditional JavaScripts field.

Instructions on how to do this are on the Welcome screen in TrackifyX as well as on the Pixel Engine page.

Note: This works for ALL Shopify stores, even the ones created after January 30, 2019. You just need to request via Shopify chat that the Additional JavaScript field get enabled for editing.

Here is a summary:

Step 1: In TrackifyX go to the Pixel Engine menu to copy the GA bonus script and open the Online Store Settings (clicking on Shop Prefs takes you directly to the right place which will open in another tab...)

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR Stores created after January 30, 2019:

Instead of using the script that is on your Pixel Engine page, please use the script below. Please make sure to replace the "REPLACE_THIS" part with the your store's URL!

/* ----- TFX Script hook start ----- */
(function (t, r, a, c, k, f, y, x) {
if (r.readyState === 'complete' || (c in t && k in t[c])) tfx();
else t.addEventListener("load", tfx);
function tfx(){ if ('tkfy' in t || t.tkfy == true) { return true; }
y = r.createElement(a); y.src = f;
x = r.querySelector(a); x.parentNode.insertBefore(y, x); }
})(window, document, 'script', 'Shopify', 'checkout', '');
/* ----- TFX Script hook end ----- */

Copy it from here to the Online Store Preferences (see Step 2 below)

Step 2: In the tab that opened in the previous step, locate the Additional JavaScripts field in the Google Analytics section and paste the bonus script at the top of the field:

Important Note: If you do not have Google Analytics integrated there yet, DO NOT paste the bonus script in the field you see! Instead follow the instructions provided right there in Shopify to implement the GA integration. It's very easy and painless, and very useful in general! The field looks like this if you don't have Google Analytics integrated yet:

Step 3: Take any other Facebook pixel events or code out of OCU and Zipify Pages settings, and ENABLE Trackify in the integration settings in OCU!

Zipify PAGES does NOT require the Trackify Integration switch to be enabled for TrackifyX. That is different from Zipify OCU!!! For OCU you DO need to flip the switch to ON.

Everything will work automatically once you've completed the steps above.

IMPORTANT NOTE for TFX UPGRADE: If you had previously enabled the Trackify switch in OCU (3) for the legacy version of Trackify, you need to toggle that switch OFF, and then back ON again so OCU will read the upgrade to TrackifyX in your store!

As Always, we recommend to test any changes to your store thoroughly with actual live test transactions to verify that everything works as intended before sending live traffic!

For important information on how TrackifyX treats funnel events in OCU, please take a look at this article.

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