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Tiktok Pixel Analytics on Trackify X
Tiktok Pixel Analytics on Trackify X

Trackify X / Tiktok Analytics Integration

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Overview of Tiktok Pixel Analytics

1. Users can add up to eight pixels to our pixel engine module cross-platform.

2. In the Tiktok section, users can add master, collection, and tag pixels.

3. Go to Events Manager for event statistics.

4. The Dashboard allows users to inspect the pixel measurements.

5. In Audience Insights, users may generate a list of their target audiences.

6. Users can create Look Alike and Custom Audiences and delete audiences. The minimum custom audience count should be 1,000 for creating a Look a Like Audience.

8. Users can make Catalogs for Uploading Feeds.

9. Users can look through a list of their existing catalogs.

10. Users will be able to capture and delete their existing catalogs.

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