Go through this checklist step by step to make sure the permission settings in your Business Manager and ad account are all correct so you can create Custom Audiences in the selected ad account. Trackify reflects the settings in Facebook. If you get any errors in Trackify or audiences are not getting built at all, it's ALWAYS an issue with your settings in Facebook. These settings are usually not set wrong if you only have one Business Manager, one ad account and one pixel. But they can get pretty complicated if you have access to more...

Important instructions are in the screen shots below. You can click on the images to enlarge them so you can read the text.

Before going through these settings, try to create the same audience that gives you an error in Trackify directly in Facebook. A common issue that affects new ad accounts is that you have not accepted the Audience Terms of Service agreement in Facebook yet. If that's the case, you will get a dialog to accept the TOS when you create the first audience in that account, and after that Trackify will work fine as well.

If that's not the issue, let's start by going to the Business Manager settings...

Step 1 - Check that your Account is in your Business Manager, and that you are assigned to the account as an Advertiser or better:

Step 2 - Check that the Pixel you want to work with is assigned to that ad account (or assign that ad account here.)

Step 3
- Check that your profile has sufficient permissions for the Pixel:

Step 4
- Reload Trackify or Reauthorize Facebook

Trouble Shooting Step

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