When you first install Trackify, you are asked to install and authorize our Facebook App, called "REDRetarget App" to facilitate the Facebook functions of Trackify. 

In that dialog, you also select the Business Manager(s) that you want to have access to through Trackify. If you add a Business Manager later, or if you did not select all Business Managers when you first did that, you may have one or more Business Managers missing from the Trackify drop down selectors.

Please follow these simple steps to review and change the authorization settings:

Here are the steps:

  1. Use the "Forget Me" Link at the top right to log your profile out of the Trackify User Interface. (No worries! This does not disconnect the Trackify pixels you've already set up from Facebook.)
  2. Go to the Welcome menu and click the Login With Facebook button.
  3. Make sure all Business Managers you want to access through Trackify are selected.
  4. Leave all requested access privileges checked!
  5. At the end of the dialog you will return to Trackify. Continue to the Welcome screen if you still need to finish step 3, or go to the Catalog Manager to see all Business Managers in the drop down menus there.

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