rr_track tags may show up in collection lists that are listed by tags, and similarly in some tag-driven drop down menus.

There are 2 different types of solutions for these.

For drop down menus, it usually works to insert a short snippet of code into the theme.liquid file:

Additional script for drop down menus:

<!-- Suppress rr_track tags from all drop down menues -->
if($(this).html().indexOf('rr_track') != -1)

Put this into theme.liquid to suppress rr_track tags from all drop-downmenus theme wide.

Video in Trackify Users FB group (we will make this available here soon.)

Fix for tag-driven collection lists:

For collection lists it can be a little more complicated to find the correct spot. You can either give these instructions to your developer, or ask us for help. If you need our help with this, you will need to add [email protected] to your store and send a separate email to the same email address with a specific request. It will help to include a screen shot or a detailed description and URL of the page where the rr_track tags are showing up.

Instructions for preventing rr_track_tags from showing up in collection menus:

The code is:

{% if tag contains 'rr_track' %}
{% else %}

(there is other stuff here...)

{% endif %}
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