These steps are using the Welcome screen in TrackifyX to quickly and easily configure the Master Pixel setup. Once you're done with this, you can add more pixels in the Pixel Engine screen.

Step 1: Select your ad account from the drop down menu

Select your pixel from the Pixel drop down
Note: Only pixels that have been assigned to the selected ad account will be visible here.

Click Add Pixel

Step 2: Insert Bonus Script and Remove Pixel from Shopify Settings
First click the "Copy" button, then the "Shop Prefs" button to open the store preferences in a new tab.

In the new tab, click "Add custom JavaScript"...

...paste the bonus script into the top of the field and click Save.

Note! If you get the following error on saving, you need to FIRST install Google Analytics in your store. It's very easy to do: Just follow the instructions right there to the left of the field in Shopify!

Ok, let's go on...
Scroll a bit further down on the same page and make sure you don't have a Facebook Pixel inserted in the settings here. Remove it if you see a pixel ID there.

Go back to Trackify and click "I have done this"

Step 3: Set up a simple Facebook Catalog

Enter a name for the catalog

Select a Business Manager account from the drop down

Select a pixel from the drop down. This will be used as the event source for the catalog.

Select a Google Product Category to be used for all products. You can type a keyword to narrow down the list, and then pick the category that best fits all your products.

Click Save & Build Catalog

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