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Are Trackify Pixel Events Reliable?
Are Trackify Pixel Events Reliable?
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Ever wonder if Trackify is missing any pixel fires and causes Facebook reports to be incomplete?

Here is a simple way to check if you're missing pixel fires, or if Facebook has an "attribution problem" with your conversions.

Just compare the total number of reported Purchases for the current or previous day with the number of "raw" Purchase events at the bottom of the pixels page. You should have more raw Purchase events than reported Purchase transactions, and the raw events should be pretty close to the actual number in Shopify (which for this particular screen shot is 143.)

Raw Purchase events register for organic transactions as well as paid, while reports only show transactions from paid traffic that can be attributed to a specific ad.

How to find the source for these screen shots in your Facebook account:
For the part on the left - go to FB Ads Manager, select today or yesterday as time frame, and look at the total number of event counts by type. you can do this for any event type by Customizing your Report Columns and selecting any event count column you want to look at.

For the part on the right: Go to the "Pixels" page in Ads Manager. Scroll to the bottom. You may need to click see more at the very bottom of the page to see the event type you want to look at. Select the date range that matches the one you've selected for the screen on the left.

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