December 2020: TrackifyX is now fully compatible with both the newest pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell flows for One Click Upsell users!

The newest Pre-Purchase feature from One Click Upsell allows merchants to set the upsell product popup just before going to the checkout page. When a customer clicks on the checkout button from the cart page, the pre-purchase dialog box triggers a popup if we have there is a product in the cart for which the pre-purchase condition is enabled.

Before December 2020, TrackifyX was unable to detect this new popup and was missing the added pre-purchase product details.

Now we have customized our code so that right at the time when a customer clicks the checkout button our app detects which product is going to show in the popup and fires the VC (View Content). We have also attached a hook to the popup `Add To Cart` button so that if the user presses it we fire the ATC (Add To Cart) and add the product details to IC (Initiate Checkout) as well.

TrackifyX is also fully compatible with post-purchase upsell flows at the time of checkout for One Click Upsell merchant stores.

As TrackifyX is now fully compatible with One Click Upsell flows, our pixel tracking system remains at the forefront of other tracking apps available on the Shopify App Store.

Questions? Live chat or email us anytime in the app. We are always here to help!

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