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Facebook Analytics Event Debugger

How to check all event parameters for your pixel events in Facebook Analytics

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Facebook Anlaytics is an excellent platform that holds a lot of different tools and insights. Contrary to the inital appearance, the platform can deliver insights not only for Facebook Pages and Apps, but also for Facebook Pixels!

Here is how to get there in three easy steps rom the Trackify admin:

Step 1. In TrackifyX, in the Pixel Engine screen, click the Event Manager link next to the pixel you want to examine then proceed to Step 2 below:

In Trackify (legacy), in the Settings screen, click the Event Manager link next to the pixel you want to check:

Step 2. Click on the 9-point button at the top left to open the drop down menu and scroll down to select "Analytics".

โ€‹Step 3. Once you're in the Analytics screen, search for the pixel by name and click on it... That will open a window like this. Click on "Activity" and select "Event Debugging" from the Menu on the Left

Step 4. Select the event type and you get all the details

There you can examine all event parameter details for the most recent events of the selected event type. Send us a screen shot or video of these details if you have any questions about them!

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