Frequently Asked Questions About RR LinX

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Can I use my own domain name with RR LinX?

Absolutely! You can use your own domain or subdomain to route all your short URLs through it. Keep your branding alive by using a subdomain with a call-to-action, like go.yourbrand.com! 

How complicated is this? Do I have to install anything?

RR Linx  is super simple! There’s absolutely no installation required on your part since everything is hosted in our cloud based servers. Using our software is super simple and we’ve got video tutorials to show you how to use each and every feature!

Is it easy to sort and manage all my links?

All of your links can be sorted through our “labelling” system which can be used to differentiate between all the links you create even for multiple brands. 

Will RR LinX work with...

A question that gets asked most often,  will our software work with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Solo Ads, Email Marketing platforms and the answer is YES!

Am I on my own? Do you offer support?

Of course, we do… we have a full support team (who actually uses this software on a daily basis) ready to help you with any questions you might have with your setup.

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