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Can I Use utm-tags In DPA Ads?
Can I Use utm-tags In DPA Ads?

Looking for ways to track the results of your DPA ads in Google Analytics? This article shows how Trackify can help

Written by Jared Levine
Updated over a week ago

There are 2 "layers" of using utm tags in DPA ads. The first layer is built in to our Trackify catalog feed as all product links are outfitted with a default set of utm tags. You can check them in your feed. For example:

  • utm_source: facebook

  • utm_medium: catret

  • utm_campaign: Product slug (URL)

  • utm_content: any rr_track tags that are added to the product

The 2nd layer can be used by entering utm tags into the URL tags field in the DPA ads. These values (id used) will OVERWRITE the default values that are in the feed.

The easiest way to use them is by adding utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=DPA-ATC30-notpur-60 (for example)

You can also use the shortcode merge fields provided by Facebook. We use the standard string as seen in the image above. Here it is so you can easily copy and paste it:


Note: One of the most important features of the tags in the feed is that utm_campaign is used for the product slug, which allows you to identify the product that was clicked in a DPA ad. This is impossible if you are not using dynamic utm tags in the feed itself. To make use of this feature you should take care to NOT overwrite the utm_campaign value in the URL tags field!

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