Note: This script is not needed for shops on the Shopify Plus plan!

Shopify has limited access to the checkout steps pages for apps and scripting. However, the TrackifyX script is approved to run on these pages. Here are the steps to make it work:

1. Go to the Pixel Engine page in the TrackifyX admin. Open the tab "Additional Google Analytics...", click the Copy button and click on Shop Prefs. This will open up the Online Store Preferences settings for your shop in a new browser tab. 

2. Scroll down to the Google Analytics section and paste the script into the "Additional Scripts" field and click Save at the top right. (Note: You have to have your Google Analytics account set up in that section before the Additional Scripts field will show.)

Possible Obstacles:

If you get a red message that says "Edit has been disabled for this field. Please contact Shopify support to enable it..", get on a chat with Shopify support and ask them to 'Please enable scripting for the "Additional Google Analytics JavaScript" field for the store: ... '. If they ask what you want to use it for, say "Google Analytics".

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