The TrackifyApp Membership Club is an exclusive club for Trackify users that includes access to advanced Trackify training and additional tools. You also get access to Trackify for one or multiple Shopify stores FREE of charge as a paid member! The Membership Club offers different membership levels with discounts for multi-store users, as well as monthly and annual payment plans for even greater savings!

Question: How can I use the Trackify App for free?

Answer: Trackify is a paid app for Shopify. Use of the app is free for members of the TrackifyApp Membership Club. Depending on the membership level you hold, you can use Trackify Gold or Platinum in one or more Shopify stores and enjoy other benefits of the Members Club as well.

Question: Will I lose the data in my current Trackify install when I switch to the free app with TrackifyApp Membership Club?

Answer: No! Your current install doesn't change at all. When you access the app after having registered the Shopify Store in the TrackifyApp Membership Club, no further Shopify charges for the app will be applied as long as you keep your membership in good standing.

Question: Is the Trackify app that you can use with a TrackifyApp Membership different from the Shopify App?

Answer: No! It is the same app, available in Gold and Platinum service levels. You won't notice any difference if you switch from Shopify billing to the free app with the TrackifyApp Club Membership.

Question: Can I use the TrackifyApp Club Membership to use Trackify for free on multiple stores?

Answer: We offer different membership levels which give you free access to Trackify in one or more stores. With the single-store membership, you can use the app in one store, but you can move the app from one store to another if you decide to switch stores. Multi-store memberships let you use the app for free in however many stores are included at that membership level.

Question: How do I cancel app charges for Trackify?

Answer: App charges that appear on your Shopify invoice are canceled by uninstalling the app from your store. If you register the store with your TrackifyApp Membership, this will also prevent any future charges from Shopify for the app in that store for the duration of your membership. To cancel your TrackifyApp Membership, please email us at Once you cancel your TrackifyApp Membership, Shopify charges may start to be applied again, but only if you continue to use the app and approve the Shopify charges. You will get a prompt to do so when you access the app in the store after your membership is canceled or expired.

Question: I purchased a TrackifyApp membership but still get prompts to approve Shopify payments when I install or access the app. Why is that?

Answer: You need to log in to your TrackifyApp Club Membership Portal and register the store(s) that you want to use under the Membership. After a store is successfully registered, you will not get any prompts for Shopify app charges.

Question: Can I install Trackify in a Shopify store that's on a plan that doesn't allow paid apps?

Answer: Yes! The app use under the TrackifyApp Membership is free from the point of view of the Shopify store. So it will work for plans that allow only free apps to be installed.

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