IMPORTANT NOTE: Ninja Mode is now enabled automatically in your current theme each time you save the Trackify Settings. However, Ninja Mode still needs to be manually installed for the Purchase event! When you switch to a different theme you only need to save Trackify Settings. The Purchase event is not affected by theme changes. If you have already enabled it before, you don't need to redo that step after you switch themes.

Ninja Mode FAQ

What does Trackify Ninja Mode do?
Answer: It fires all pixel events significantly earlier and faster than the regular mode, as well any other pixel app (like AdRoll, Retargetapp, Shoelace etc.) Our extensive tests have shown that the Purchase events are even slightly more reliable than the basic Shopify Facebook Pixel integration!

Question: Does Ninja Mode require me to make any changes?
Answer: There are 2 changes that are required. Both are shown in the video above. the first change, clicking the "Enable" button, installs some non-invasive script in your theme files. This is theme specific and affects only your active theme. If you change themes, the Settings will indicate that Ninja mode is not enabled for the new theme yet. You will need to repeat the "Enable" click in that case. The second change is independent of the Shopify theme and will need to be done only one. If you wish to disable Ninja Mode or remove the app, you will need to remove the script from the checkout field manually. However, the main ON/OFF switch in Trackify ensures that no events are sent with this script.

Question: Will Trackify Ninja Mode help with my Facebook Reporting?
Answer: The Ninja Mode catches between 5 and 10% more events than the regular mode (and other pixel apps.) That's because it fires all events earlier. How much earlier depends on your theme, other apps that you may have installed, and on how well your store is optimized for speed. Ninja Mode is not delayed by store content or other apps, and can therefore execute approximately 10 seconds earlier. We have seen some cases with even longer delays! If users leave the page during that time, the regular mode and other apps will miss the pixel events. Ninja Mode will catch them.

Question: What if I want to disable Ninja Mode?
Answer: Ninja Mode is permanently enabled for all pixel events.

Question: What if I mess up the theme.liquid file - will I lose all pixel events?
Answer: Glad you ask that question, because Trackify has got your back! If the theme.liquid file does not have valid "Ninja Mode" code, the standard Trackify mode will kick in automatically an fire the pixel events in regular mode. You can also fix Ninja Mode in this case: Just go back to Advanced Settings and click the "Enable" button again.

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